• Jim Roberts

    "Dr. Mike. I wish you would do a similar video on the health benefits of Mangosteen fruit and its husk. I’ve been taking it for many years and have found numerous health benefits, primarily with its anti-inflammatory effects."

  • Cheryl Austin

    "Very interesting Dr Hansen. I retired as a certified GI nurse so this was a very informative video. Thank you for sharing all this info to the public!! I enjoy all the info you give to the public and all that we learn from your research."

  • Yellow Fuchsia

    "Chronic diseases that are not infectious or genetic in origin, they’re the result of insulin resistance.” A simple but very powerful statement to focus the mind. Thank you for an excellent video."

  • Lily Dauber

    I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL! I love the way you are teaching us! I am testament to excellent health in my 70’s with high energy daily of a 40 year old and looking 50 according to people’s consensus. My doctors also verify.