Between Medical School, Postgraduate Training, and his actual practice of medicine, he has dedicated almost 20 years of his life in understanding how to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases that affect adults, as well as optimize and maintain health and fitness. This especially includes the most common and problematic disease in the United States and much of the world, obesity.

His expertise is easily demonstrated in his YouTube videos, which fluently explain the intricacies and nuances of metabolic health, weight loss, nutrition, and so much more. When he created his YouTube channel, his goal was to educate his patients, but that quickly escalated to serve as a platform for public health education. This became all the more important in the fight against misinformation in the world we live in. He now has over 1 million subscribers, which continues to grow rapidly to this day.

Every doctor remembers the question when they interviewed for medical school…” why did you choose to become a doctor?”

World #1 Weight Loss Experts

  • At the individual level, he takes the time to listen to his patients, understands their questions and concerns, and ultimately, figures out a way to improve their health so that they can improve both the quality and quantity of life.

  • Whether cliché or not, the truth is the truth. Dr. Hansen became a doctor to truly make a positive impact on someone’s life. To get them real results. Because he cares. And the bottom line? We do care!

  • Jim Roberts

    "Dr. Mike. I wish you would do a similar video on the health benefits of Mangosteen fruit and its husk. I’ve been taking it for many years and have found numerous health benefits, primarily with its anti-inflammatory effects."

  • Cheryl Austin

    "Very interesting Dr Hansen. I retired as a certified GI nurse so this was a very informative video. Thank you for sharing all this info to the public!! I enjoy all the info you give to the public and all that we learn from your research."

  • Yellow Fuchsia

    "Chronic diseases that are not infectious or genetic in origin, they’re the result of insulin resistance.” A simple but very powerful statement to focus the mind. Thank you for an excellent video."